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Our Favorite Engagement Ring Picks for Jakob!

By on March 28, 2017

It. Has. Finally. Happened. After months of sharing our wedding picks and tricks with one another (and with you), one of our own is going to get engaged! That’s right, one of the boys in accounting, Jakob, has talked with his lady love and they have decided to take the leap! Like the awesome couple they are, they have talked things through, but Jakob still plans to surprise his partner, Jennifer, when it comes to the actual presentation of the engagement ring.

A little bit about the couple, Jakob and Jennifer have been together for over seven years. And while they have been happily living together for the better part of those years, they finally decided it was time to get married and make it official. Jakob works with us as one of our loyal accountants and Jennifer works with young adults with disabilities, providing support in and around the community. They are a cute couple and often Jennifer sends us treats through Jakob. We are, needless to say, very excited about all of this.

In all our excitement, we decided that it would be fun to put together a list of some of our office’s favorite designer engagement rings for Jakob to consider when he goes out to shop for Jennifer’s ring.

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Essentials for Your Fine Jewelry Collection

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Jewelry Essentials at Frank Jewelers. Find Diamond Bracelets, Diamond Necklaces, Diamond Fashion Rings, and Diamond Bracelets in their Freeport, Illinois showroom!

We spend a lot of time at PJD discussing the various in’s and out’s when concerned to finding the perfect engagement ring, wedding band, and even fancy watch.

While these pieces are certainly important, what about those pieces of fine fashion jewelry that are a bit more everyday? What about those essential items that will (hopefully) follow you through life, through every dinner party and wedding, and that will be passed on to future generations of fashionistas?

With this in mind, we hear at Premiere Jewelry Design proudly offer this helpful guide for putting together the essentials of your fine jewelry wardrobe.

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Quick Do’s and Don’ts of Engagement Ring Shopping

By on March 27, 2017

Hiya Messieurs! Are you at that point in your life where you think you might be ready to pop the big yay or nay question? Great! We’re always very happy for any young couple ready to take the leap. And here at PJD, we’re all about finding the best engagement ring and bridal jewelry without succumbing to stress.

This post is going to focus on a hit list of do’s and don’ts to help alleviate some of the potential stress of engagement ring shopping.

Before we begin, gentlemen, please note that regardless of what you end up choosing for her, if she truly loves you, she will more than likely love what you have decided is an appropriate declaration of your love, so don’t be a worry wart!

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5 Tips to Make Your Engagement Ring Look Bigger

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While any engagement ring coming from your beloved is sure to please, it’s safe to say that girls really do get excited at the prospect of a larger engagement ring. Now, that doesn’t mean that all girls love larger stones, we here at PJD have seen enough brides and engagement rings to know that there are as many brides as engagement ring styles, but desiring a certain type of ring is a harmless pleasure we can all take part in. And while most of us can only afford so much, there are a few things we as budget conscious shoppers can keep in mind when looking for engagement rings that can help make your ring (or your lovely lady’s ring) seem larger.

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Favorite Designers: Gabriel New York

By on March 16, 2017

Here at PJD we occasionally love highlighting current fashion-forward fine jewelry designers. One of our current favorites is none other than Gabriel New York. I’m sure you’ve seen their work more than a few times around our blog, but today we’re going to break down some of their most popular models geared towards women and what you might expect from purchasing one of their timeless selections. 

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Rare Engagement Ring Cuts You Will Adore

By on March 15, 2017

Most people are familiar with the two most requested ring cuts (the round brilliant and the princess cuts), but we here at PJD think that simply because those cuts are common, they are not necessarily for everyone. As some of our own staff will attest, these lesser used diamonds are sometimes the most glamorous and most favored for people with bold personalities. No shade to the ever-popular princess and round cuts, but today, we are choosing to show some love to lesser talked about engagement ring cuts!

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Bridal Jewelry for an Art Deco Inspired Wedding

By on March 14, 2017

If your wedding theme so happens to be Art Deco (or like us, you like the look and love the dream), we’ve compiled a valuable reference sheet of gorgeous bridal jewelry that would compliment any upcoming vintage wedding.

Brief History of Art Deco

Prominent in the 1920’s and 1930’s, Art Deco became popular in America after World War I. Originally from France, the style is marked by its distinct lines and geometric shapes used throughout buildings and household items. One of, if not the most, notable building with Art Deco architecture is New York’s own Chrysler building.

You might think of flappers and polished young men in suspenders when thinking of the time. The looks of the time are still very attractive and complimentary to any sort of bride to be so we understand why many young, current brides consider this style when planning out their nuptials.

Keeping glam in mind, the following is a cheat sheet of head to toe bridal and fine jewelry for your Art Deco wedding!

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Five Unique Wedding Bands for the Unique Couple

By on March 13, 2017
Unique Wedding Bans at Golden Tree Jewellers located in Langley, British Columbia


To some, weddings can seem like the apex of old-world tradition. An artifact of days gone past when the cotton was high, the fish were jumping, and the living was easy. And while this conception of the wedding is still the case in some situations, we’re seeing more and more couples that have rejected the “classic” marital traditions in favor of contemporary, fun, and most of all, unforgettably unique ceremonies and weddings.

For example, at PJD we’ve seen weddings hosted everywhere from churches to libraries to bars to barns to treehouses, and serving everything from gourmet donuts to curry stations and everything in-between.

So it should come as no surprise that we have seen some pretty memorable and truly unique wedding bands. Past are the days where a wedding band had to be plain and unadorned. Instead, today men’s and women’s wedding bands are every bit as glamourous, gleaming, and sophisticated as any diamond engagement ring.

That’s why we’ve put together this short guide to some of our favorite bold, distinct, and one-of-a-kind wedding bands available right now.

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A Guide To Luxury Timepiece Complications

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Swiss Quality Timepieces available at Dejaun Jewelers in Woodland Hills and Thousand Oaks, California.

Back in November we talked in our Guide to Luxury Watch Buying about the various things to take in consideration while you’re on the search for a Swiss-quality, high fashion, luxury grade timepiece. While that article is good and all (one of our reader’s favorites in fact), we only spend a little time discussing the relationship that watch complications have on the price, quality, and versatility of your timepiece.

So, to help our readers understand a little bit more about the complicated (sorry) world of watch complication, here is a quick guide to some of the most popular ones that we see here at PJD.

What is a Complication?

Since the beginning the world of Swiss haute horology has always been all about competition. Every watchmaker has always seen what their competitor was doing and has tried to outdo and out-innovate their neighbor. In addition to creating more extravagant looking pieces than their competitor, complications were a good way to make a watch more useful and interesting to the watch-buying public.

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Alternative Diamond and Gemstone Earrings for the Contemporary Girl

By on March 3, 2017

An understated accessory, earrings have continually been taken for granted when discussing jewelry. But a true jewelry aficionado knows that a good pair of earrings can propel an ensemble to the next level. Further, we’ve been thinking of the current trend where designers are incorporating diamonds onto fashion-forward designs-and we love it!

We’ve drawn up a quick look at some interesting revamping of typical earrings types in favor of more modern, and luxurious diamond adorned forms of the fine jewelry.

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