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2018 Bridal Fashion Trends

February 6, 2018

With wedding season just around the corner, savvy brides-to-be have their eye on the runways to see what the latest bridal fashion and jewelry trends are going to be this year. As ecstatic as any enthusiastic bride, we here at PJD are more-than-excited to see what our favorite wedding jewelry designers have in store for 2018. So, without further ado, here are some of what we think are going to be the biggest wedding fashion trends in the upcoming 2018 wedding season. Enjoy!

Trend #1: Black Accents

While colored wedding gown accents are nothing new, this year we’re seeing more and more brides avoiding tried-and-true pastel hues in favor of bold black embellishments and details. Great for adding a unique edge to any wedding day ensemble, black bridal accents allow for you to break from tradition without fear of giving your older guests a gasp-incurred heart attack. While these black touches are usually seen in the form of trimming or bows, there are tons of ebon-colored fine jewelry pieces that also work well with this on-trend style.

Freida Rothman and Swarovski Bracelets and Earrings from Frank Jewelers in Freeport, Illinois

For example, these on-trend bracelets and earrings from Swarovski and Freida Rothman are a simple way to add an alluring flash of black-colored brilliance. Firstly, straight from the runway-ready Industrial Finish and FR Signature collections by Frieda Rothman, these black earrings and necklace (model #’s IFPKZE15 and PRZB0864B-1) feature a beautifully smooth black-colored finish that is every bit as mysterious and enchanting as they are well-made.

Further, by the undisputed masters of finely-colored crystal jewelry at Swarovski come these beautiful rose gold-colored earrings, as well as this confident black crystal choker necklace, which are guaranteed to be loved on your wedding and appreciated long after your special day has come and gone.

Trend #2: Chandelier Style Earrings

Next, while chandelier style earrings were incredibly certainly in style last year, we’re expecting to see this look taken to the next level of shine and sophistication in the upcoming 2018 bridal season. Somehow even more elegant and extravagant than last season, 2018’s crop of diamond and gemstone chandelier earrings are the perfect way to add an unforgettable shine to your fairytale wedding day.

Tacori and Hearts on Fire Earrings from Benari Jewelers in Exton and Newtown Square, PA

Brilliant without being overbearing, these Hearts on Fire and Tacori chandelier models bring a glamorous and gleaming glow that other earrings style pieces just cannot supply. Firstly, from the Copley collection by Hearts on Fire, this pair of earrings are made with long-lasting 18-karat gold, a breathtaking combination of Art-Deco and nature-inspired motifs, as well as are covered in what Hearts on Fire has called “The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds.”

Next, from the Southern California-based artisans of Tacori come these glittering chandelier earrings from the designer’s exclusive City Lights and Vault collections. Handmade and totally one-of-a-kind, these Tacori earrings are built with sterling silver (925) and 18-karat rose gold, meaning that they will match well with any white or off-white dress, as well as with pretty much any and all skin tones.

Trend #3: Bold Nature-Inspired Prints and Embellishments

Another bridal trend that we’re seeing tons of in galleries on the chicest runways are bright and detailed floral and nature inspired prints and embellishments. Absolutely perfect for Springtime weddings, these gowns are dreamy and bring a beautiful amount of delicate whimsy to any bride-to-be’s special day. Naturally, the diamond necklaces of Simon G make an obvious choice for this earthy and ethereal ensemble.

Simon G Diamond Necklaces from Costello Jewelry Company in Naperville and Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Featured here from the Garden, Paisley, Classic Romance, and Nocturnal Sophistication collections, the diamond pendant style necklaces of Simon G are carefully crafted with high-quality 18-karat white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum, as well as covered with a truly decadent assortment of uniquely colored diamonds of all shapes and sizes. Built for maximum fine jewelry romance, these pieces make natural and effortlessly elegant complements to any wedding gown with significant floral motifs.

Trend #4: Superb Separates

Dripping with fashion-forward confidence, bridal separates are making a definite comeback this wedding season. Great for customization and personalization, bridal separates make it easy to mix-and-match a variety of different motifs and designs for every bride’s unique sense of style and personality. For this sort of singular and one-of-a-kind bridal look, we recommend spicing up your modular look with the addition of a few stackable and interchangable fashion rings.

Fashion Rings from Simon G and Fana Available at Quenan's and Clowes Jewellers

From Fana and Simon G (again), come these fabulous stackable diamond and gold rings that are perfect for sporting with your mix-and-match bridal separate ensemble. Beautifully matching the combination of timeless design and modern innovation, these fashion rings brilliantly bring a level of subtly sophisticated flair that even the most particular of wedding guests is sure to appreciate. First, from Fana these gold rings (model #’s R3961 and R1247) are straight-forward and no-nonsense examples of bridal jewelry done right. Next, found in Simon G’s immaculate Vintage Explorer and Delicate collections, these two rings (model #’s MR1000-D and MR2389) are absolutely fabulous, yet are still understated enough to not steal focus from the main attractions – your lovely designer-made engagement ring and wedding band!

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