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Alternative February Holidays

January 19, 2018

Valentine’s Day is a great time to get your loved one a gift, sure, but what happens when you and your special person want to buck convention — get out of the box — try something different? Well, luckily, we have some suggestions for new February holidays, all of which represent fun new reasons to get a gift for your loved one.

Continue reading to find utterly unique gifts to match these utterly unique holidays!

February 5th – National Weatherperson’s Day

Whether you’re a weatherperson, love a weatherperson, or just clap whenever the green screen shows up on your TV to show the temperatures, the best way to commemorate this holiday is with a new pair of earrings with a bit of rainstorm chic.

To that end, we’ve got two pairs of earrings: a dazzling pair of Fana New York gemstone earrings, and a pair of diamond earrings from Tacori’s Island Rains collection. It’s a bit of cheating to use a piece like Tacori Island Rain earrings for this holiday, but even beyond the name and the elegant blue of the turquoise, the 18-karat yellow gold of these earrings and round-cut diamonds make them a treasure.

If you want a deeper blue, then maybe the sapphires of the Fana New York gemstone earrings are for you. The sapphires and diamonds of these huggie-style earrings pair perfectly with 18-karat white gold, and paired with another gift from Trice Jewelers at their Centennial, Colorado jewelry store, makes for an electrifying February 5th.

February 9th – National Pizza Day

If your special someone has a great sense of humor — a really good sense of humor — get them a gift on February 9th, just in time for National Pizza Day. While sharing a slice of New York-style pizza (or Chicago-style deep-dish? That’s a dispute between the two of you), surprise them with a new ring or necklace that commemorates the day.

For instance, the Tacori Legend collection fashion ring, in addition to being a magnificent 18-karat rose gold designer look, is topped with a scarlet garnet. Imagine flashing this dazzling red fashion ring while sharing a slice of Sicilian pizza with your love.

The Aerial Triple Diamond necklace, part of the Hearts on Fire Aerial collection, is the perfect accompaniment to a fun night out at the local parlor. Also in 18-karat rose gold, this necklace displays three triangular “slices”, with 0.45 carat of round-cut diamond “topping” them.

February 22nd – World Thinking Day

World Thinking Day is a Girl Scouts/Girl Guides holiday meant to inspire intrepid young ladies to be thoughtful about the world and the people in it. So, if your partner was one of these plucky scouts — and maybe they’re a scientist or in STEM in some way — get them a special gift to commemorate February 22nd, just to show you’re thinking of them.

The Simon G. fashion ring from the Garden collection is perfect for the lady in your life who works in botany or some other plant-related area of the sciences. A unique coil of 18-karat rose gold, this fashion ring pave-sets 0.45 carat of diamonds into each “leaf” of this vine spiraling gracefully up a woman’s finger.

Or if you want to propose to your madam physicist, choose the A. Jaffe engagement ring from the Metropolitan collection. It’s a fun engagement ring whose split shank is set with 0.42 carat of sidestone diamonds. Its central diamond reminds the viewer of the “nucleus” that the orbiting split band revolves around.

Maybe the Hearts on Fire engagement ring from the Destiny collection for a biologist? With 18-karat white or yellow gold options, as well as a platinum option, 0.55 carat of round-cut sidestones, and a center stone from Hearts on Fire’s distinctive “World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamonds,” this engagement ring is a real dazzler. Moreover, its twisting band is just like a strand of DNA — a playful, thoughtful gesture to the biologist in your life.

Your Turn!

Do you plan on celebrating these offbeat holidays with your loved one? Even better, do you plan on celebrating weirder holidays this February or beyond? We’d love to hear about them! Reach out on our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter page and give us a reason to do a second article on this topic!

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