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Anniversary Gift Guide for Your Wife or Girlfriend

August 22, 2017
Happy Couple Celebrating Anniversary

While some of us pride ourselves in our gift giving abilities, many others have a tough time finding the perfect gift year after year. For husbands thinking about what to get their wives, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite wifey gifts for 2017 and included some tips to ease the stress of shopping for your anniversary.

Tip# 1: Remember the Date

The single most important thing you can do (we’re talking bare minimum here) is remember the date of your anniversary. While we can suggest you write it down on a calendar, with all the gadgets of modern technology it is much easier to set a reminder on your phone and have it tell you as the date approaches. Setting the date on your phone and putting an early reminder, gives you ample time to think about what you can get your partner and might push you towards a bigger, better gift.

Tip #2: Shop Based on Your Relationship!

It’s easy to get carried away in what we think our loved one might want, but nothing is more meaningful and lovely than a well-thought out, relationship based gift. Listen to your partner throughout the year and jot down significant moments. Sometimes, it’s a good idea to reference a memory for your gift that is was your first date by the beach, consider a nautical influenced present. Did you propose to your lovely lady under the stars, get her star shaped earrings. There are endless ways you could go with special-to-your-relationship anniversary gifts.

Tip #3:Trust Yourself!

The most important thing is to trust yourself and your relationship. Corny as it sounds, so long as you select something from the heart, your partner is sure to love it.

Our Gift Options Favorites

Michele M Timepiece

Michele M Belmore Chrono Diamond Available at Trice Jewelers

At PJD, one of our favorite ladies timepiece designers has to be Michele and their really inventive collection of fun, premium quality timepieces. Among our favorites are the nautical themed Seaside and the artful designs of the Belmore collection. From their Belmore collection, this particular watch, the Belmore Chrono Diamond, Two Tone Diamond Dial, is among our favorites. Beautifully designed in stainless steel, and gold plated stainless steel, this wonderful piece has practical and luxury complications such as day, date, and chronograph capabilities, as well as a slew of diamonds adorning the face of the watch. Michele watches come in a variety of styles sure to please all women.

Jack Kelege Fine Jewelry

Let your bride shine with Jack Kelege fine jewelry. Nothing beats the simple glamour of diamond covered jewelry and one sure designer who continually crafts exemplary diamond jewelry is Jack Kelege. While we adore all his pieces including engagement rings, earrings, fashion rings, and bracelets, our pick goes to this stunning pair of diamond earrings. Jack Kelege’s KGE 147 earrings are a fine example of contemporary-chic. In 18-karat white gold, these drop earrings are a go-with-everything choice for the stylish wife.  As ultra-modern as these earrings seem, their simple design and use of diamonds complements most ensembles from evening gowns, to jeans and a blouse. Jack Kelege Earrings KGE 147 Available at Trice Jewelers

Simon G Wedding Band

For those of you who are married, your wedding anniversary could be a great opportunity to revisit the most important day in your life. Perhaps you’ve chosen to renew your vowels, but even if you haven’t a new wedding band is a wonderful way to renew your sentiments for your adoring wife. For us, the choice is easy. Simon G and their fabulous line of wedding bands are it for us. Experts in their craft, every ring to come from Simon G is meticulously designed, and beautifully built. The band featured, Simon G wedding band LP2349 is a great example of Simon G.s craftsmanship. Available in 18-karat white gold, this ring is featured in a modern style and has a 1/2 pave band of top-quality diamonds. Your bride is sure to love it. Simon G Passion Wedding Band LP2349 Available at Corinne Jewelers

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