A “Story About a Town” – The Jewelry of Riverdale

By on September 7, 2017

Not your mama’s Archie comics, Riverdale is a dark and moody mixture of the best parts of Gossip Girl, The OC, and Pretty Little Liars, accompanied by a healthy dash of the supernatural sensuality of Twin Peaks.

To celebrate the October 11th release of the second season of this entrapping “supernatural teen drama,” we’ve but together a little tribute to some of the fine jewelry looks from some of our favorite characters, that we’re hoping to see much more of in upcoming Riverdale episodes. 

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Wedding Wednesday: Finding the Perfect Wedding Jewelry

By on November 2, 2016

[ed. note: Heather here! This article you’re about to read is the first entry of our weekly “Wedding Wednesday” series. Every week we’ll be talking about wedding jewelry. So be sure to check back next week. ~~Heather]

Whether it be engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, or pair of earrings, finding the ideal jewelry piece sure to bring an unforgettable level of brilliance, elegance, and sophistication to you, or your outfit, can almost feel close to impossible.

Luckily for you, the staff at here at PDJ are experts at finding the perfect jewelry items for brides and grooms alike. To make the process a little simpler, we’ve put together a few handy tips on how to easily locate that ideal fine jewelry item that is sure to bring more than a lifetime of beauty to your already perfect day.

A Few Tips!

Tip #1: Ditch trends for more classic couture!

When looking for wedding jewelry, try to remember that your wedding day is going to be forever immortalized in countless photos, videos, Snapchat stories, Facebook posts, etc. With that in mind, forgo overly-trendy styles for more timeless designs. This way you can avoid unnecessary cringing when you look back on your wedding day, five, ten, or even fifty years from now.

We suggest finding an engagement ring from a brand like Verragio, A. Jaffe, or Simon G. These designers are talented at making rings that are timelessly styled, yet still have enough of a twist of modern fashion sensibilities to avoid seeming “old-fashioned”.

Verragio Engagement Rings -- Golden Nugget Jewelers -- Philadelphia

Tip #2: Stay aware!

Be sure to consider the exact style, cut, and color of your dress when looking for jewelry to match. Make sure that your jewelry matches the general look and feel of your outfit. For example, a pair of vintage-style, chandelier earrings might not go with your more modernly-styled gown, and vice versa for that matter.


Tip #3: Think ahead!

When shopping for wedding jewelry, look for items that you might be able to wear again. Our advice, pick something dressy that you can wear for future formal occasions. Not only is this more reasonable then buying something that you’re only going to wear once, it also will help to fight any guilt for choosing a more expensive item!

Tip #4: Don’t overthink it!

Dylan said “don’t think twice”, Matt Besser said simply “don’t think”. Weddings are all about decisions, so try and make it easy for yourself. Find a piece that you love and take a leap. Don’t be afraid to take chances, and always remember that there’s always time to change your mind.

Wedding Bands -- Engagement Rings -- Golden Nugget Jewelers -- Philadelphia

Tip #5: Surprise!

If you’re planning on surprising your special someone with a diamond-encrusted item of some sort, be sure to do your research before. Try  to confer with their close friends or family, look on-line, and pay attention to their fashion and style preferences.

Tip #6: Find a salesperson that you can trust!

The staff at most local, independent retailers are generally specially educated and trained to help the jewelry-finding experience be as painless as possible. In these sort of places you’ll generally find a more interesting array of diamond jewelry than you would at larger chain retailers.

Wedding Bands -- Engagement Rings -- Golden Nugget Jewelers -- Philadelphia

Tip #7: Try before you buy!

There is truly no substitute for going into your local jewelers and trying a piece on. Sometimes an item can look amazing online but lackluster in-store, and this way you save the hassle of having to ship an unwanted item back to whatever warehouse it came from.

Tip #8: Don’t be cheap!

Lots of time, cheaper jewelry is that way for a reason. More expensive items are usually constructed with high-quality materials, and produce with an attention to detail that cheaper designers just don’t do.

Wedding Bands -- Engagement Rings -- Golden Nugget Jewelers -- Philadelphia

Our Recommendations:

  • Engagement rings:

Other than the brands mentioned above, we’re also loving engagement rings by designer like Michael M and Tacori, such as this beautiful, vintage-inspired Tacori RoyalT prong-style ring.

Engagement Rings -- Golden Nugget Jewelers -- Philadelphia

  • Wedding Bands

For wedding bands that are timeless, but still modern, we recommend that you check out the eternity style wedding bands. Also, for grooms we recommend the bold and versatile rings by brands like Benchmark or Simon G.

Wedding Bands -- Engagement Rings -- Golden Nugget Jewelers -- Philadelphia

  • Diamond Necklaces

Finding the perfect diamond necklace all depends on the neckline of your wedding dress. For deeper necklines we suggest long pendant necklaces, like this 18-karat white gold necklace from Tacori’s “Tears of Joy” collection.

Wedding Bands -- Engagement Rings -- Golden Nugget Jewelers -- Philadelphia

For scoop and higher necklines, we suggest necklaces with small chains, like this Tacori “Reverse Crescent” diamond necklace.

Wedding Bands -- Engagement Rings -- Golden Nugget Jewelers -- Philadelphia


  • Diamond Bracelets

Similar to wedding necklaces, we recommend sticking with white gold, platinum, or stainless steel pieces. For example, we love this bangle-style bracelet from the exclusive Tacori “Vault” collection!

Wedding Bands -- Engagement Rings -- Golden Nugget Jewelers -- Philadelphia

  • Diamond Earrings

Again, just keep it simple. A simple pair of diamond studs can go a long way. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, try something like these Simon G “Mosaic” and Simon G “Duchess” diamond earrings.

Wedding Bands -- Engagement Rings -- Golden Nugget Jewelers -- Philadelphia

Now It’s Your Turn!

Show us your wedding jewelry! Comment, or hit us up on our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, and use the #weddingwednesday hashtag to get our attention!


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Perfect Wedding Bands for Your Country Themed Wedding

By on October 28, 2016
Wedding Bands -- ArtCarved Wedding Bands -- BARONS Jewelers Dublin, California


All brides have a distinct idea of how they want their wedding and wedding bands will depict their personal style and flair. For some brides, this may mean that their wedding day is filled with frills and excessive embellishment, and for others this may mean leaning toward a more organic down-to-earth look. Whether it’s by being surrounded by nature or just celebrating life in the outdoors, country themed weddings — and by extension country wedding bands — are all about being humble and appreciative for the things around you.

Inspired by classic American western style and the weddings of Country music celebrities such as Jake Owen, Miranda Lambert, and others, Country-Rustic themed weddings are becoming one of the most popular options for today’s modern bride. Natural textures such as trees, bark, grass, wood, are heavily incorporated into country themes to accentuate the rustic feeling as well. Just look on Pinterest and you’ll find thousands of dream-wedding boards dedicated to creating the ideal fairy-tale country wedding, but as anyone will tell you, no wedding planning can be absolutely complete without the ideal wedding bands that perfectly encapsulate a bride’s distinctive and unique personality.

To help in finding the wedding band perfect for any “down-home” rustic wedding, here are a few wedding band ideas that are sure to satisfy every country bride.

1. Vintage Wedding Bands with Modern Twists

Barons Jewelers-- wedding bands - ArtCarved Wedding Bands -- Eternity Wedding Bands -- Dublin, California

Within the past few years, contemporary wedding band fashions have ranged from bands that are simple and unadorned (think your grandparents’ rings), to pieces that are more diamond-encrusted then their engagement ring counterparts. Taking a little bit from both sides of this spectrum of bridal aesthetics, wedding bands featuring understated adornments including pave, channel, or bezel-set diamonds are perfect for bringing a subtle hint of glamour without sacrificing any eternal ring elegance and sophistication. Eternity wedding bands offered by modern day designers, such as Tacori and Michael M, are a perfect representation of how antique looking rings have evolved to keep their vintage look, while at the same time combining elements of contemporary fashion. Vintage-style wedding bands have become so increased in popularity not simply because of the fact they look “old”, but more because they are extremely detailed in designs that modern wedding bands lack.

2. Floral/Nature-inspired Wedding Bands

Barons Jewelers-- wedding bands - Dublin, California

How’s the old saying go, “You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl”? Understanding this adage, contemporary designer including Tacori, Hearts on Fire, and especially Simon G., are creating diamond rings that reflect the natural landscapes that surely inspired them.

Available today are tons of nature-inspired wedding bands that feature smaller, eternity-style, twisted bands, that are intertwined to resemble bird nests, vines, and other woodland essentials, these sorts nature-inspired rings are perfect for brides whose dream wedding leans more on the pastoral, peaceful, range-life side.

3. Non-Diamond Adorned Wedding Bands

Barons Jewelers-- wedding bands -- Dublin, California
Perfect for brides move to the beat of their own country drummer, those women who live life to the fullest, and idolize Dolly, Reba, and Patsy, the typical diamond wedding band just won’t do. If this sounds like you—or someone you know—try alternatively styled eternity bands by Tacori  or the men’s and women’s bands from Michael M, who have begun integrating gemstones other than your standard white diamond such as beautiful turquoise, deep-blue sapphires, as well as especially-distinctive black diamonds. Bands like these are unique from the common fashions of wedding bands you usually find at most of today’s retailers.

And always remember…

Picking the perfect wedding band can seem like a nearly impossible task. So if you’re starting to feel stressed about finding the ring that most perfectly encapsulates your personality, as well as that will complement your dream country-rustic wedding remember to stop in and consult the bridal experts at your local fine jewelry retailer.

Now it’s your turn!!

Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and show us your Country wedding bands!

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