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Bragging Rights on Your Best Day

September 1, 2017

Ladies, let’s be honest: One of the nicest things about engagements is being able to show off that new sparkle decorating your ring finger. Some women like a more subtle ring and some women prefer a colored stone for their engagement, but there’s just something special about wearing a big, glorious diamond on one’s finger.

Below, we’re going to be looking at a few engagement rings whose inner fire really sparks and sizzles. All of our showcased pieces are found on the website of Long Jewelers, whose Virginia Beach location in Virginia conveniently offers a wide assortment of engagement rings to give any soon-to-be bride bragging rights with all her friends.


1. Tacori Starlit (306-25RD8)

Sparkle, sparkle. If this ring could speak, that’s what it’d say. Tacori, the esteemed manufacturer of engagement rings, never spares any expense in making sure that the quality of its pieces are beyond compare. Tacori engagement rings always share the lustrous brilliance of this ring from the Starlit collection. However, Tacori includes a proud crest of pave-set diamonds around the center stone, just to accentuate the center stone that you or your partner choose to really symbolize your personal taste and the aesthetics of your relationship.


2. Hearts on Fire Lorelei (HBRLOTS01008WC-C)

It’s impossible to ignore that this ring, part of the larger assortment of solitaire engagement rings offered by Long Jewelers, instantly reminds the viewer of delicate lacework. Hearts on Fire, the designer of the piece, made sure to work the brilliant pale metal (the ring is available in both 18-karat white gold and platinum) into the shape of a playful, girlish ruff around one’s finger. Still, any hint that this piece is as perishable as lace is immediately erased by the 1-carat stone that signifies the kind of strength and eternity that you and your partner hope to share.


3. Kirk Kara Charlotte (K1383-R)

Princess cut engagement rings appeal to a certain kind of aesthetic taste: a fondness for tradition without being old-fashioned. Kirk Kara manages to surprise the engagement ring shopper by offering this one-of-a-kind piece. The elaborate filigrees and scrollwork on the band scream “early 20th century glamour”, and the princess cut style of diamond (that can be selected separately from the band) has a timeless beauty that feels at home today as it did in the glamorous, attention-grabbing decades that led into the last century. Turn to princess cut engagement rings when you want a piece that brags without being too much — it’s the engagement ring way of giving people a cool little smile that makes everyone in the room wonder: Who is that goddess?


4. Michael M Trinity (R422-2)

When you’re looking for a piece that wows the people in your life, look no further than a three stone ring. Pave-set diamonds have a quality all their own, but when you have three diamonds that could all be the center stones for their own rings all working together to catch attention? Now you’re talking about a different style entirely. This ring, designed by beloved bridal ring manufacturer Michael M, is the visual equivalent of saying, “Yes, I’m worth three of these gorgeous diamonds, thank you.”


Now, Ms. Thing, are you ready to pick out your favorite engagement ring, just to show your friends, family, and all the ladies in your office? Are you going to go for the “Art Deco” timeless look? The flashy and fierce solitaire surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds? Or something else entirely? Visit our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter and let us know! We’re always on the lookout for new trends catching the attention of brides-to-be like you!

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