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Bruno! Bruno! Bruno!

June 14, 2017

The first guy we thought of who is NEVER seen without his jewelry is the beautiful and stylish and cool Bruno Mars. His album, 24K Magic, is literally named after his favorite type of jewelry that he is always covered in and to say he’s decked out with it on his album cover would be an understatement. And thank God his album came out when it did because it totally helped the world recover from that exhausting election, but even still, the disc hasn’t left the CD player months after! It is too good. Whatever the matters are in your life, society, or the world, Bruno Mars is always there to put a smile on your face and we are so thankful.

Today, we’re going to put a smile on your face and breakdown each piece of gold this talented crooner is known for wearing and we’ll tell you where to find something just like it. CHECK. IT. OUT.

Le Vian Chocolatier Fashion Ring YQJT 7

Bruno is never one to NOT flash the stuff he worked really hard for. Here in a promo picture for 24K Magic, his hand is of course covered in 24-karat gold rings with one of them having some diamond sparkle. This ring by Le Vian from their Chocolatetier collection would be the perfect pinky ring to put up to the moon. It is made with 14-karat honey gold and is covered in vanilla and chocolate diamonds that are in a prong setting. The zig-zag pattern on top is a great reflection of the 90s style Bruno is going for these days.

Kabana Men’s Ring GRIF130OX

Surely we can all agree, Bruno without his gold chain necklace would just make him Peter (that’s Bruno’s birth name in case you didn’t know). Even before his Unorthodox Jukebox era, Bruno has always rocked a gold chain and it would be weird to see him wearing any other metal. This Albert’s Diamond Jewelers necklace looks almost identical to the one he is wearing in this photograph above. It is a curb chain necklace style made from 10-karat yellow gold, has a 5.9mm thickness, and is fastened by a lobster clasp for that extra security. This necklace is a wonderful staple to have in your jewelry box and rock out to any Bruno Mars song.

Raymond Weil Toccata 5988-P-97081

Every man needs a fancy watch to wear to fancy events and of course, Bruno Mars is always wearing a great one wherever he goes. Of course, the one he is wearing in this picture IS GOLD. This Raymond Weil watch from their Toccata collection has a gold plated stainless steel band and case. The top crystal is scratch resistance sapphire and the dial is made from iridescent mother of pearl. This watch has one complication and has diamonds in a polished bezel setting. A simple watch for a fabulous guy. This watch makes for an awesome gift for a loved one or for oneself.

Kattan Crosses APF 0300

Although Bruno’s father is an Ashkenazi Jewish Puerto Rican, we can probably guess Bruno wasn’t raised Jewish as he is always seen wearing a cross necklace. Maybe he was raised Catholic. Maybe he wasn’t raised with a religion at all and is just wearing this cross necklace because it’s nice. Who knows?! Anyways, his gold cross necklace was pretty easy to find a counterpart since cross necklaces have always been really popular. This Kattan Crosses necklace is made with 18-karat yellow gold and has round diamonds set in a prong setting. Its light, chic, and is made with very detailed craftsmanship.

Kabana Men’s Ring GRIF130OX

If you’re a man without at least one man ring, are you really a man? (lol) This ring by Kabana is made with 14-karat yellow gold, has 28 beautiful round diamonds in a pave setting around a deep onyx center stone, and is super similar to Bruno’s ring he is seen wearing in this photograph and the 24K Magic music video. Bruno even has a pinky ring necklace in his merchandise that looks EXACTLY like this. We feel so awesome finding this ring for you, please don’t let is go to waste, so buy this ring now!

Simon G Caviar LB2093-Y

Last but not least is this beautiful bracelet by Simon G from the Caviar collection. It is made with 18-karat yellow gold with three 18-karat white gold accent rings and clasp. It looks really similar to the one he is seen wearing in this non-threatening photograph of him in a Mike Tyson T-shirt. Each round ring has a few modest, glittering diamonds on it for that extra sparkle you need when you want to dress casually. It’ll make you look glamorous just like Bruno!


We hope you liked our post! Please let us know your thoughts! Have a great day!

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