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Calling for Color

January 15, 2018

Spring is right around the corner, and the season of flowers calls for something new and colorful to spice up your wardrobe. To that end, we chose three categories of jewelry — earrings, fashion rings, and wedding bands — to add springtime vibrancy to any season of the year.

We like to think that we picked a nice cross-section of pieces from the top designers in the industry, and you’re sure to find a few surprises in our list. Enjoy!


Though both of these sets of earrings alternate white and a separate color, they show two different ways of playing with that pattern. Whether you prefer an earring that emphasizes color, or one that accentuates clean ivory-white, there’s no wrong choice here.

The Galatea Pearl Flower earrings model PB6E are elegant flowers carved from two perfect freshwater pearls. What sets these stud earrings apart from other Galatea designs are the two dazzlingly green alexandrites set into their heart. The touch of color is enough to catch any eye, but the silky white of the pearls make them an understated match for any evening look.

The Swarovski earrings, on the other hand, emphasize the dazzling royal blue of the crystals used in their design. Rose gold and white crystals sit on either side of the blue stones, making the blue pop out in contrast. These glittering earrings would be the perfect match for a blue dress or even a blue-eyed woman.

Fashion Rings

Fashion rings are the most direct way to spruce up any wardrobe, but picking color to add to clothes can be something of a trial, since not every color pairs well. Never fear! Here at Premiere Jewelry Designs, we know our fashion rings — and we’ve picked two that we think will match with your new look.

The Le Vian Chocolate fashion ring model YOQL 9 pairs Le Vian’s famous “chocolate diamonds” with a cool blue aquamarine, setting both types of stones in the designer’s elegant “vanilla gold.” The champagne-white of the band, the rich brown of the diamonds, and the blue aquamarine make this a ring that pairs as well with an earth-tone dress as it does with a blue business suit.

Or for a look that’s gracefully feminine, the featured Danhov Pop of Color collection fashion ring brings amethyst and diamond into a scalloped 18-karat white gold band. Purple, being such a singularly eye-catching color, isn’t made to be subtle — pair this gorgeous fashion ring with a look that’ll turn heads anywhere you go.

Wedding Bands

There’s always the option to add color to your wedding, too! Throw out old ideas that wedding bands have to be unadorned or simply studded with white diamonds. On the contrary, if you have a favorite color, don’t hesitate to wear that essentially you look on your finger! You’re going to be the one wearing it, after all!

Kirk Kara, designer of the ring from the Charlotte collection, created a wedding band that pairs platinum with an unexpected choice in jewels — tsavorite. The green of tsavorite is a “leafier,” deeper green than what you usually find in emeralds, so for the woman who’s at home in nature or goes straight for the pine-colored dress, this vintage-style band is just right.

On the other end of the spectrum, the ArtCarved Contemporary collection wedding band is designed to spotlight its oceanic blue sapphires in a creative way. It’s also easy to appreciate our featured ArtCarved band’s playful design — sacrificing the traditional circular band, the setting for the diamonds and sapphires instead reminding brides of a wreath made of flowers.

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