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Earring Styles Fit for Celebrities

May 18, 2017

Because of their proximity to the worlds of high fashion and the avant-garde, celebrities often get their hands on pieces of stunning, unique jewelry that ordinary people could never hope to touch. However, Long Jewelers, in both their jewelry stores and on their website, offers a little of that stunning luxury to the average people, and below, we’ll be taking a broad cross-section of the company’s offerings to compare them to earrings worn by celebrities and the elite:

1. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

The Kate Middleton effect is in full swing here! The Duchess of Cambridge has that it value that makes her an effortless style icon for the whole English-speaking world. Though the picture above isn’t focused on her earrings, they add a coy, charming sparkle to her face that makes her a figure of admiration.

Hearts On Fire offers, as part of its “Inspiration” collection, the above earrings. While Prince William might have gifted Kate with a unique set of jewelry, Hearts On Fire’s earrings are just as rich with diamonds, and will accentuate your face with the same subtle shine that the Duchess herself has.

2. Ashley Olsen

The Olsen twins have been trying to distinguish themselves as individuals by creating radically different styles in life. Ashley Olsen, hitting the party scene as a fashionista, is looking smart in a blue pair of chandelier earrings that compliment her eyes beautifully.

For the fashion-conscious lady looking for a similar piece, Tacori offers the above earrings as part of their “Vault” collection. Perhaps best matched with blue eyes or clothes, the earrings remind the viewer of a set of delicate icicles or a gentle flow of water, adding natural beauty to the look of the woman who wears them.

3. Angelina Jolie

Oh, Angelina! Kate Middleton might be married to the future King of England, but Angelina Jolie is always going to be the queen of Hollywood grace. As with Ashley Olsen, Angelina’s emerald earrings seem to be there to accentuate the beauty of her green eyes, but the boldness of the gems set in her ears lends its own kind of feminine ferocity to her look.

Naturally, most people aren’t going to be able to afford huge pieces of emerald, but in Long Jewelers’ assortment of Doves women’s jewelry, one can find a beautiful competitor to Angelina’s earrings among the “Emerald Dreams” collection. Perfect for the green-eyed lady, or for a woman with bold tastes, the pieces of the “Emerald Dreams” collection help summon red-carpet looks for any night out.

4. Drew Barrymore

Look at Drew Barrymore’s sly little smirk. She’s one of those celebrities who’s going to be baby-faced, even when she’s 70. Those big hoops in her ears help to play up her youthful appearance, making her face seem smaller and rounder in comparison.

Charles Krypell offers a pair of earrings in their gold jewelry collection that mirrors the smooth, diamond-studded hoops hanging from Drew’s ears. Maybe the pieces would be best for the lady looking to accentuate her own natural baby face; or if you wanted to conjure up that jeunesse for yourself, take a look at the hoops that Charles Krypell has to offer.

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