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An Engagement for All Seasons

May 19, 2017

The tricky thing about seasons is that we’ve got four of ’em, and they’re all different. So, let’s say that your significant other is thinking of popping the question, and they’ve already started hinting that they want your input regarding what kind of ring you want.

There’s a science about picking the right engagement ring for you, and the season of the engagement is one of the important factors of that choice: You’ve got to get a ring that matches the aesthetic of the season, and symbolizes it forever, after all! So below, we’ll be looking at a few prominent brands’ engagement rings to help you hint to your special someone what you want to be wearing on your finger for the rest of your life.

1. Spring

A spring engagement is an explosion of color and blooming, and the lady whose engagement is in spring should have a ring that reflects the juvescence of the season. Among the Claude Thibaudeau engagement rings that GMG Jewellers offers, the PLT-2069 ring from the “Colored Stone” collection has a central purple Tanzanite like a garden of irises nourished by the rain in April, and is surrounded by a dancing swirl of white and yellow gold like the wind in March.

2. Summer

Summer’s most obvious quality is the heat and the radiance of the sunlight. So, for a lady getting engaged in summer, the ring that has to reflect the second season should contain the same brilliance as July and the warmth of August. GMG Jewellers offers a wide assortment of Hearts On Fire engagement rings, but the above piece, HBRELD0508WAA-N from the “Delight” collection, really reminds the viewer, on first glance, of the sun at high noon. Plus, the fiery inner brilliance of the Hearts On Fire diamonds is sure to make others swoon and ask for a fan.

3. Fall

It’s a little harder to pick a really “fall” ring, since the big symbols of the season — harvests and festivals — don’t really translate to diamond rings all that well. Still, for the lady getting engaged in September, October, or November, the Coast Diamond LC5395RG from their collection of rose gold engagement rings works to memorialize fall: The luminous red of the rose gold band will remind people of the changing color of the leaves; and the chain of small diamonds on the side is like the first snow of the season, surrounding the single diamond atop the band like a bare tree in the middle of a field.

4. Winter

To some people, winter is the harshest season; to others, it’s the most pure and beautiful. The ZR1053 ring from Zeghani, displayed above, carries that stark elegance that typifies the season: The glittering diamonds match the 14k white gold of the band (“ice” puns only partially intended), and the delicate etching on the ring immediately reminds the viewer of a snowflake.

We couldn’t get to Southeast Asia’s monsoon season, or South Africa’s dry season, so if you have any opinions, don’t hesitate to share them on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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