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January 10, 2018

From sunken men to the sunken place, this year’s Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, and other award ceremonies are sure to be full of the Hollywood glitz and glamour that people have come to expect. While we’re expecting to see more simplified red carpet fashions this season, this year’s crop of films are full of plenty of celluloid fine jewelry inspiration to tide any film lover over until next season.

As film lovers ourselves, we at PJD are more than excited to see who takes home the gold this year, and to celebrate this, here are a few of our favorite fine jewelry items inspired by this year in film!

1. Molly Bloom’s Bold Earring Choices from Molly’s Game

From the mind of the man who gave a national platform to “The Jackal,” Molly’s Game is all about the confidence, tenacity, and know-how of Molly Bloom. Portrayed by everyone’s favorite redhead Jessica Chastain, Bloom’s earrings throughout the film are bold and bright, relying on subtle glamour instead of in-your-face sparkle.

On-trend and spectacular, these drop, hoop, and chandelier style earrings are dead ringers for Blooms’ delicate sartorial determination. Pictured above from Mikimoto, Hearts on Fire, and Tacori, these diamond and pearl covered pieces are a great way to bring a level of brilliant and bold persistence to your wardrobe – no matter if you’re running international poker games or just professionally channeling Kelly Kapoor.

2. Aquamarine-Colored Simon G Jewelry Inspired by The Shape of Water

One of our very favorite movies of the last year was Guillermo del Toro’s supernatural fairytale romance The Shape of Water. Centering around the unlikely relationship that occurs between an amphibian-man and a dreamy-eyed woman (played by Doug Jones and Sally Hawkins respectively), the real impressive part of The Shape of Water was the deep and bold colors that dominate the film’s palate – none more outstanding to us than the wonderful use of aquamarine.

As deep and mysterious as the sea itself, these three Shape of Water-inspired pieces are from Simon G and are a great way to keep del Toro’s sense of undersea romance going long after the movie is over. From their Vintage Explorer and Classic Romance collections, this Simon G fashion ring, necklace, and bracelet all feature extraordinary aquamarine, sapphire, and opal stones, all of which are beautifully outlined by an array of exquisite, hand-picked round shaped diamonds. Great for a night at the movies, an afternoon at the pie shop, or just a simple day driving around in your seafoam Cadillac.

3. The Statement-Making Bracelets of Laura Dern

Taking LL Cool J’s advice, we hope you’ll avoid calling the welcome Dernaissance a comeback, instead oftaking a moment to appreciate Laura Dern’s presence in some of this year’s biggest films and TV shows, as well as to take notice of her character’s appreciation for statement-making bracelets. Seen above from her roles in Big Little Lies, Twin Peaks: The Return, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, in 2017 Dern’s on-screen jewelry was dominated by confident and stackable high-fashion bracelets.

For this distinguished look, we suggest checking out these three unforgettable bangle and cuff style bracelets from Michael M, Roman and Jules, and Hearts on Fire. Meant to be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets, these pieces are made with subtle curves and nature-inspired designs that look great in Monterey, at a Black Lodge party, or onboard a resistance cruiser.

And the Winner is…

These are just a few of our red-carpet-ready fashions for this award season. Now we wanna hear from you, what are your favorite cinematic-inspired fine jewelry looks for 2017? Hit us up on our  FacebookInstagram, and Twitter pages and share with us!

And as always, remember to check out our sister blog Luxurious J&T for some amazing articles of the latest and greatest in contemporary men’s timepiece and jewelry fashions!

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