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Fashion Jewelry Trends for Teens

August 29, 2017
Teen on the Grass

For stylish teens, we’ve put together a list of three trends that have been dominating this season. As trends go, what we really love about these looks is that each one can be personalized very easily by the teen wearing it. So check out the list of jewelry looks and find out how to make it your own!

Layered Pendant Necklaces

A staple in jewelry boxes of all young women and teens, pendant necklaces are being revamped this season by layering anywhere from two up to five pendant necklaces of varying sizes. Start with either a choker necklace of a long length necklace and work your way from there to perfect the look.

This look works well when you work with mixed metals and materials. Varying the color of the chain allows for a clear statement-making contrasts and let’s you take full advantage of all the necklaces you already own.

Hearts on Fire and KC Designs Necklaces Available at Rumanoff's Fine Jewelry

One of the staples of this look for teens is including cute designs and shapes such as hearts, stars, the words love, and any other youthful design you can find.  These fun and charming necklaces by KC Designs, and Hearts on Fire are some of our favorites.

Stackable Bangle Bracelets

At PJD, we absolutely love stacked jewelry looks. Another stacking jewelry look gracing the runways this season are bangle bracelets. Capturing a bohemian and casual cool street style, layering bangle type bracelets is also a relatively easy look to achieve.

As with necklaces, try mixing your metals and wear yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, woods, and other materials to create a laid-back, but radiant look.

PANDORA, Hearts on Fire, and John Hardy Bracelets Available at Rumanoff's Fine Jewelry

Bangles like these from Hearts on Fire, PANDORA, and John Hardy are ideal for layering and offer mixed textures for a more stylish look.

For a unique take on the trend, try wearing one large piece, such as a large cuff bracelet or a timepiece with multiple thinner bangle bracelets.

Hoop Style Earrings

Hoop style earrings are back and in a big way! This year, we’ve seen hoop earrings on the runways, on celebrities, on popular TV shows and on a slew of other places. It’s safe to say that teens are on board with this look as well.

Elle Must Have Earrings E0139 Available at Clowes Jewellers

Take your ensemble to the next level with this pair of cool hoop earrings from Elle. In sterling silver (925), these hoop style earrings [model #E0139] are a great throwback to the hoop earring of the 90’s but with a modern twist.

Elle Compass Rose Earrings E0420 Available at Clowes JewellersOr, go for something radically different, but still keeping the same chic design of the traditional hoop earrings. These earrings [model #E0420], also by Elle, are feminine and fun and like other neutral colored metals, goes great with a denim or black leather jacket.

Bonus Style Rules

Keep in mind that you want to stick to one trend at a time. That is, if you are going to be layering your necklaces, keep your earrings, rings, and bracelets minimal.

The rule also applies to clothes. If you are wearing a loud, big printed dress avoid too much jewelry. These trendy looks work best with darker, single-color clothing pieces and with denim.

What Are Your Go-to Teen Trends?

What are some of your favorite teenage trends of 2017? Let us know on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!


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