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Four Popular Engagement Ring Trends

October 30, 2017

Every year marks new trends in bridal jewelry, and what was popular only five years ago may look hopelessly passé now. Now that we’re well into 2017, we can see clear patterns from designers, tastemakers, and consumers about what kind of engagement rings have characterized this year.

With the help of our friends at Miro Jewelers, Milanj Diamonds, Dejaun Jewelers, and Golden Nugget Jewelers, let’s analyze some of the year’s best trends, and some pieces that perfectly represent those beautiful trends!

1. Marquise Cut Diamonds

Round and princess cut diamonds rule the roost when it comes to engagement rings. Marquise cut diamonds, on the other hand, have fluctuated in popularity over the last 400 years. As of 2017, marquise cut diamonds have been making a comeback on the fingers of fiancées all through the West. The RoyalT HT2628MQ15X75, one piece from Golden Nugget Jewelers’ collection of Tacori engagement rings, is a gorgeous example of a modern-style engagement ring made with a marquise cut center diamond: Available in platinum, 18k yellow gold, and 18k rose gold, this shimmering ring marries a unique cut of diamond to Tacori’s incomparable quality.

2. Square Bands

Square bands are a surprise to most people when they see them for the first time. Round bands have been de rigueur in ring design since — well, the beginning of ring design. But square bands have been capturing a lot of attention lately for two reasons: First, they’re really fascinating to look at, inviting curious and desirous glances from anyone looking; and second, they’re more comfortable than round rings. Fitting a square band around a round finger means that there’s more space between the precious metal of the band and a lady’s skin. The SJ154687 engagement ring from Supreme, with its 1.77 cts of side stone diamonds and 18k white gold design, is not only one of the finest examples of a square band ring, but one of the finest engagement rings offered by Miro Jewelers.

3. Colored Diamonds

Colorless diamonds are gorgeous. There’s no argument there. But for some fiancées, the ubiquity of a colorless diamond is a bit too standard for them. Colored diamonds, ranging from delicate pink diamonds to the sunny brilliance of the Yellow Label NR822-4 from Roman and Jules, are making a tremendous mark on the engagement ring scene of 2017. Milanj Jewelers offers a treasure trove of the colored diamond ring designs by Roman and Jules, but the Yellow Label NR822-4 is especially unique, utilizing a mix of 18k white and 18k yellow gold, as well as different cuts of white and yellow diamond to create the illusion of different shades of yellow in this utterly unique engagement ring.


4. Dainty Settings

Simplicity is special in 2017. While larger jewels and big, glitzy bands are good ways of symbolizing that a fiancée’s man thinks she’s a treasure, this year has seen dainty, minimalist designs making an impact on the engagement ring market. Smaller and simpler settings can be designed with utter beauty in mind, judging from the Hearts on Fire Triplicity HBRTRID00558WA-N. While many different cuts of diamonds could work with the minimalist, dainty designs popular this year, princess cut engagement rings are, in our opinion, the perfect expression of the style: The petite and demure look of a princess cut diamond is a wonderfully feminine touch to add to a thin band.

Give us Your Thoughts!

There’s plenty of time left in 2017! If you’ve noticed a major trend of the year that we’ve overlooked, visit our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter page today and give us the details! We might just have to add more to our list before the end of the year!

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