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A Guide to Eternity Wedding Bands

February 28, 2017
Eternity Wedding Bands at Barons Jewelers in Dublin California

Sometimes called “infinity rings”, eternity style wedding bands are an extremely popular bridal jewelry option for the brides of today. Certainly one of our favorites, the romance and symbolism of eternity style bands are unavoidable.

In line with our continued our concentration on wedding bands (starting with yesterday’s article on how to find the perfect men’s wedding band), as well as our obvious penchant for guides, here is a quick and easy guide to help you better understand the wide world of eternity wedding bands.

What Even Is an Eternity Wedding Band?

Created in the 1960’s by jewelry masterminds at De Beers (which, in this piece by Edward Jay Epstein for The Atlantic, had something to do with a less than savory agreement between De Beers and the Soviet Union), an eternity ring is loosely defined as a band that has diamonds that are set in a continuous line around the entirety of the band. These diamonds are generally small, close to identical, and are usually found in bezel, channel, pave, or prong stone settings.

Eternity Wedding Bands at Barons Jewelers in Dublin California
(Kim Kardashian and her MASSIVE eternity style wedding band)

Additionally, eternity wedding bands are made with diamonds going only half-way around the band, these rings are sometimes called anniversary rings, and were typically given for a couple’s 60th marriage anniversary. Nowadays, it isn’t unusual for an individual to get a half-eternity ring for their actual wedding band as these bands can offer the brilliance and shine of a full-eternity ring, without the steep price tag that can sometimes accompany bands of these types.

Signification of Eternity Wedding Bands

Perhaps more important than what it looks like, the main attraction of the eternity wedding bands to today’s brides and grooms is the eternal forever that the ring is said to represent. With the diamonds reaching around the band in an unbreakable and unending circle, to some eternity bands represent the unending love and togetherness that a new couple has ahead of them.

This significance is also why, much like with a 60th anniversary, that eternity bands are also given when a couple celebrates any significant milestone, such as the birth of a child, a birthday, or something else.

Popular Designer Eternity Wedding Bands

  1. Tacori

Founded in 1969, Tacori makes some of the brightest engagement rings on the market today, and have applied this expertise to the making of some of the most luminous eternity style bands a person can find.

Tacori Eternity Wedding Bands at Barons Jewelers in Dublin California

What makes a Tacori designer eternity band so interesting, is the signature “half-moon silhouette” that accompanies all Tacori pieces. These “silhouettes” essentially are tiny, handmade openings around the bottom of the band that work to pull an enormous amount of light through the band and out the diamonds.

  1. Michael M

Established in 2008 by long-time jewelry designer Michael Meksian, the eternity bands of Michael M are extremely unique and are constructed to be modern bridal jewelry for the modern individual.

Michael M Eternity Wedding Bands at Barons Jewelers in Dublin California

What makes these eternity style wedding bands so exciting is that the designers at Michael M are not afraid to experiment and explore new possibilities of bridal jewelry aesthetics and fashion. As a result, their bands feature the line of diamonds in places that are not just the center of the band, and are open to using less traditional gemstones such as the black diamonds pictured above.

  1. Other Popular Designers

In addition to Michael M and Tacori, many other of today’s top bridal jewelry designers have been creating truly one-of-a-kind eternity style wedding bands. For individuals searching for bands that are more timeless or vintage-inspired, check out the wedding bands collections of A. Jaffe, ArtCarved, or even Coast Diamonds.

Eternity Wedding Bands at Barons Jewelers in Dublin California

On the other hand, if the fashion-forward eternity bands of Michael M are more your style, look for models by Simon G or CrownRing. These two brands, much like Michael M, are committed to not only creating bands of superior comfort and quality, but are also committed to continuously rethinking, recreating, and expanding the possibilities of what a wedding band can be.

Where to Find Eternity Style Wedding Bands

Due to the immense popularity of eternity style wedding bands, most fine jewelry retailers, online or otherwise, are sure to have a massive collection of bands from many of the designers already mentioned.

For readers in the San Francisco/Bay Area, one of our favorite places to shop for eternity style wedding bands is BARONS Jewelers, located in Dublin, California. Not only is the BARONS’ staff friendly and helpful, they also have the distinction of being the only Diamond Tacori Retailer on the entire West Coast. By being and Diamond dealer of Tacori bridal jewelry products, they are able to carry an extended wedding band selection, and carry exclusive pieces unavailable to other jewelry stores.

Now it’s Your Turn!

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