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Stylish Matching Wedding Bands for Brides and Grooms

November 21, 2017
Matching Wedding Bands for Brides and Grooms

Worn by women for hundreds of years, it isn’t until recently (since World War ll) that men have joined in on the tradition of wearing wedding bands to mark their union. And with an endless selection of designers and styles, modern couples can easily express their shared love for one another with matching wedding bands while still showing off their individual style.

Matching wedding bands is a great way to publically honor the marriage for a lifetime to come, but what does matching really mean? it could mean a number of things, but for our purposes we are considering matching wedding bands, bands that are complementary in precious metal (yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, etc.), similar stone use (diamonds, colored diamonds), same style (pave, prong, channel), and/or same finish (polished, matte, hammered). What’s more, many contemporary designers craft bridal rings for both men and women, so couples have an easier time finding matching bands from their favorite designer.

To make your shopping experience easier, below we select matching women’s and men’s wedding bands from some of our favorite designers in traditional, contemporary, and alternative styles.


Sleek and polished, the wedding bands of Benchmark are unparalleled when it comes to craftsmanship and design. Mostly known for a handsome selection of men’s bands, we picked them because of their classic plain band options (but they have an array of detailed looks that are also contenders for favorite matching bands).

Benchmark Wedding Bands Available at Medawar Jewelers

For the simplest, most traditional look out there, try Benchmark European Comfort-Fit Wedding Band EUCF13514KW for women and EUCF15514KW for men. Made from 14-karat white gold, these pieces have to be seen for their illustrious beauty to be believed.

2. Contemporary

Established in 1892, New York-based A. Jaffe crafts some of the most captivating bridal pieces available today. Their wedding bands include such detailed pieces as those with channel, pave, and prong style diamond settings.

A. Jaffe Wedding Bands Available at Medawar Jewelers

From the Metropolitan collection, A. Jaffe wedding bands MRS235-59 for women and band BB0131-101 for men are the perfect complement to any elegant couple. In addition to sharing a common precious metal (18-karat white gold), this pairing from A. Jaffe includes a glittering assortment of round cut diamonds. With an endless assortment of channel set stones, these bands are the definitive fusion of vintage sophistication and modern flair.

3. Alternative

If you and your partner are looking for real fashion-forward designs, look no further than to Lashbrook and their innovative bands. Using an array of cutting-edge metals in interesting combinations, Lashbrook produces some of the most favorited men’s wedding bands available today. Further, they craft a selection of women’s bands that are sure to please any outdoorsy, tomboy bride.

Lashbrook Wedding Bands Available at Miro Jewelers

Our Lashbrook pics, the women’s Camo ZCAMO6D13 and the men’s Camo Z8B14NS MOCBL are just two shining examples of the alternate looks Lashbrook is known for. These ultra-modern looks are crafted from zirconium, have a common black and camo design, and have a highly polished finish. Available in a variety of camo looks and designs, brides and grooms have their pick of Lashbrook look.

And there you have it. These are just a few of the general options out there. The best way to go about it is to sit down with your loved one and talk about the common style interests. Start with classic and contemporary looks and work from there. After you’ve decided on the general aesthetic of your bands, work on the details. Remember to shop from a reputable jewelry retailer for your most important jewelry purchases. Not only does this ensure you get what you truly asked for, but many jewelers also offer custom jewelry design that can create your dream jewelry piece if you can’t find your perfect piece from the selection out there.

Your Turn!

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