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Holiday Season 2017: Ladies Timepieces

November 14, 2017

Just a few weeks after Halloween and all of us here at PJD are absolutely ecstatic over the holiday season. And while we know we still have Thanksgiving to look forward to, we are more excited about Christmas! First up on our shopping list, our other significant others, our BFF’s! We’ll have plenty of shopping guides for your non-familial favorite but today we are focusing on timepieces.

A jewelry box must have, a stylish and dependable timepiece is one of the most important items a young woman could have in their collection. Modern designs are extremely stylish accompaniments to any young woman that can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

So let’s take a look at some of our favorites and unexpected favorites for this holiday season and some reasons why they should be on your list this year.


Swarovski Timepiece

Known for their signature crystals and feminine designs, we did not expect to fall in love with this Swarovski watch. This bold, darker toned look is not one we would easily recognize from the designer, but definitely one of our current favorite looks for its sleek, sophisticated appeal.

Crafted with brilliant stainless steel and their iconic crystals, this watch from the Algeria collection [model #518884], is perfect for that refined on-the-go gal who needs a clean timepiece look. Further, its fashionable black color scheme is complementary to all types of clothing and looks. Really any of the pieces from the Algeria collection would suit classic styles perfectly.

2. Le Vian Timepiece

Le Vian Timepiece Available at Frank Jewelers

Recognized worldwide as having one of the largest jewelry histories and for their delicious sounding stones including chocolate, vanilla, blackberry, and more diamonds, Le Vian is also known in the industry as a provider of luxury watches.

Our timepiece of choice, Le Vian’s ZRPA 80 is a prime example of fashion-forward horological innovation. Crafted using an array of their top-tier diamonds, this piece is decked out to the max with intricate diamond formations, bright blue dial, and a dashing matching band.

3. Kate Spade Timepiece

We can’t discuss luxury timepieces without mentioning at least one piece from internationally lauded designer Kate Spade.

Nothing says glamorous as the fabulous designs from Kate Spade. No, really. Pick any piece from any collection and you are sure to be satisfied with the grade of next-level beauty you end up with.

Kate Spade Timepiece Available at Clowes Jewellers

While tough to pick just one Kate Spade timepiece to champion, we picked Model #KSW1134 from the designers Holland collection.  It’s seemingly simple design is one we think is ideal for any type of woman who sports any type of look. Crafted from stainless steel, Kate Spade’s watch has a real minimalist feel with its thin band and thin number indexes. Additionally, this ladies watch always appears fashionable with its rose toned look.

4. Michael Kors Watch

Michael Kors Timepiece Available at Northeastern Fine Jewelers

Last on our BFF favorites is this magnificent piece by Michael Kors. Taking gorgeous to the extreme, Michael Kors’ MK2686 competes with many men’s designer timepieces. Boasting a chronograph, gold plated stainless steel, lovely stones, and an elegant leather strap, this watch is sure to be a hit with your chic pal.

Whether a classic gal or a modern maven, we think we covered a variety of interesting styles to suit any type of best friend. The most important thing is to shop from a reputable retailer. We can not stress it enough. It may seem like online deals are too hard to pass up, but jewelry, designer watches in particular typically come with all-important an all-important warranty that you are unlikely to get from an unauthorized online retailer. So shop locally, or from the online stores of authorized sellers!

Your Turn!

Have you already bought your timepiece for your best friend? Which have you chosen? Tell us on our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter page and tell us your answer today!

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