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Love and Marriage (and Diamonds)

June 8, 2017

“Help!” You’re saying, “I’m getting married to the greatest guy in the world / the best lady on Earth! But I don’t know what to get him / her for engagement and wedding rings! What should I do about our anniversary when it comes around?” Never fear! Premiere Jewelry Designs has you covered. By scouring the industry for the best retailers and brands around, we’ve been able to put together a little list of pieces that we think will be absolutely perfect for your special someone.

In this post, we’ll be looking at pieces from BARONS Jewelers, an esteemed retailer that’s been supplying California with beautiful jewelry for the past fifty years:

Step 1. Engagement

Engagement rings are a symbolic seed that grows into the fruit of the marriage itself. By choosing the right ring, you can . In 2017, the style that’s been dominating the streets and the runways has been “easy elegance” — which is a kind of simple chic that meshes seamlessly with class. Fortunately, you can find an engagement ring that emphasizes “simplicity” without sacrificing the timeless beauty that you’ve come to expect from an engagement ring.

Above, we have two examples: the Gelin Abaci yellow gold ring on the left, and the Tacori ring from the RoyalT collection. The rings were chosen as examples of extremes: Choose from stunning simplicity or from sumptuous indulgence, matching the fashion sense of your future spouse with the right color, diamond, and design.



Step 2. Marriage

Now that you and your special someone are engaged, the next step is marriage. And we here at Premiere can sympathize if you find the process of finding the right ring — choosing from prong wedding bands to simpler looks, for example — to be even more demanding than finding the right engagement ring! There are so many styles, so many metals and stones, that it’s a challenge to even begin the hunt.

However! Since the style of the season is, like we mentioned, “easy elegance”, let’s take a look at the offerings from BARONS that manage to fuse “modern utilitarian simplicity” with the traditional. Our two selections above come from the ArtCarved Vintage collection and from the Michael M collection of men’s wedding bands. The ArtCarved ring has the benefit of reminding a bride of a ring of flowers — a continuing symbol of joy and her wedding. For men, the Michael M piece has a touch of color from its rose gold band, but it retains the utilitarianism that comes with the best men’s jewelry.


Step 3. Anniversary

Now, anniversaries are when things get fun for couples (unless you forget — so mark your calendar, please!). Rather than be beholden to one particular style of doing things, anniversaries are when you can simple go ahead and splurge on something fun, just for the sake of showing your special someone how much you love them.

This is the time to invest in an anniversary gift from a selection of fashion rings, or by commissioning custom jewelry for your partner.

Naturally, it’s a little harder to display custom jewelry that hasn’t been built yet, but we can show you two selections of fashion rings — one for a wife, and one for a husband. Rather than get your wife flowers, offer this Belle Etoile ring from the Fleur collection and get her a “flower” that will last infinitely longer than a bouquet of roses. For your hubby, surprise him with the above ring from the Tacori Legend collection and gift him with a touch of class that will go perfect with his new suit — or just with fixing the engine on his truck.



Do you have any ideas about jewelry gifts that can be given to a fiancée-fiancé, bride-groom, or wife-husband pair?  Let us know on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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