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Man On a Mission

May 22, 2017

We’ve been talking lately about the looks that women can put together for engagements, summer, and for all seasons. But what we haven’t discussed yet is: guys’ jewelry! Yes, those humble members of the other 49% of the population exist; and yes, they wear jewelry too. But the problem is that the sartorial standards of the more macho sex tend to be, well.  Slightly less sparkly than the standards of women. But let’s take a look below, and see if we can find some jewelry styles that can work for both the jar-openiest men in the room and the ladies in their lives that want them to have a little flair.

1. Tacori Monterey Roadster Fashion ring MR10839

The stone is called tiger iron! Tiger iron, for goodness’ sake! I mean, you look up “manly” in the dictionary, and that phrase has to be written next to it! But a little more seriously, this ring by Tacori, offered by Northeastern Fine Jewelry, manages to be stylish without being too overtly “glam”. The sterling silver of the band has the kind of shine that will make a man stand out as a refined gentleman, but it doesn’t have the same that people associate with gold rings.


2. Simon G Men’s Wedding band LP2186

So, you’re going to be marrying your guy. Congrats! But maybe he’s a little leery about putting on a gold ring. He’s got some manly cred to maintain while he’s fixing an engine or something, y’know! The above wedding band by Simon G., offered by Golden Tree Jewellers, makes a dramatic visual statement without sacrificing class — your man will see this ring and think to himself that he’s going to his wedding wearing a gray gold piece that looks like it was hammered out of a big chunk of meteorite iron.

3. Verragio Men Ring VWD-8905

But then again, just because he’s a guy doesn’t mean that the man you’re marrying is allergic to a little refinement. If the Simon G. band is for the man who’s going to fix your car’s transmission, then this Verragio men’s wedding band, offered by Miro Jewelers, is for the man who’s going to come in wearing a suit, sweep you off your feet, and tell you that he’s made reservations for the two of you at the fanciest French restaurant in town. Le swoon, in other words. The elegantly-set princess cut diamonds are offset by the strong grid pattern on the band, and the two-tone yellow/white gold band speaks to the surprises

4. Benchmark Cobalt CF58489CC

Whoa now. Who’s this guy wearing the Cobalt CF58489CC ring from Rumanoff’s Fine Jewelers’ collection of Benchmark wedding bands? That’s your man, looking like some lumberjack, wearing a ring made of cobalt and wood accents. It’s not only women who can wear rings with decorative elements beyond simple metal — but in this case, the decorative elements are less “rubies and sapphires” and more “Yes, I can cut down trees to fuel the wood-fire stove in our honeymoon cabin up in Maine.” Benchmark’s definitely set the benchmark for masculine rings with this one.

5. Tacori Classic Crescent 97-5BSS

And last, we come back to Tacori. This piece, presented by Merry Richards Jewelers, bridges the gap between a more “masculine” aesthetic and a more “feminine” one. While the delicate crescent of the sapphires in a slender gold or platinum band is more graceful than the other rings we’ve presented up until now, there’s an indefinably stark and masculine air about the piece that blends with the jewels to make something a little more playful — a little more “wink-and-nod” to match the kind of man in your life.

What do you think? Do these rings really match the style of the man in your life? Tell us what you think on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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