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Michael M Side Stone Engagement Rings

August 17, 2017
Glamorous Bride

No one does glamorous like Michael M. Here at PJD it’s obvious we are endlessly fascinated with engagement rings and while we know that all diamond engagement rings have their merits, when it comes to glamour, no one does¬†engagement rings¬†like Michael M. Michael M engagement rings are truly second to none when it comes to diamond-adorned flashy, glitzy, elegant rings.

Since we recently talked about rose gold and gemstone engagement rings, we thought it would be a good time to revisit one of our old favorites, side stone engagement rings. Glamorous gals prepare to fall in love with three of Michael M’s most captivating side stone engagement rings!

Michael M Side Stone Favorite #1: Stella R416-2

Our first pick goes to this ring from Michael M’s Stella collection. Where does a girl begin with a beauty like this? Crafted to perfection, this ring has many fab features most notably, its multi-level pave settings. Uniquely designed, this ring boasts various sizes of round cut diamonds including it’s brilliant center stone, diamond embellished prongs, and it’s stunning pave bands. Like all engagement rings to come from Michael M, this beauty is shown in 18-karat white gold, but is also available in platinum, 18-karat yellow, and rose gold as well. Plus, check out the lovely detailing inside the four bold prong! That’s right, unique to Michael M, this ring has four round cut diamonds neatly placed inside the center diamond’s prongs. All the additional diamonds on this piece contribute to the additional shine and sparkly this ring has while being worn.

Michael M Engagement Ring Stella R416-2 Available at

Michael M Engagement Ring Stella R416-2 Available at

Michael M Side Stone Favorite #2: Princesse R465-2

Next, we highlight one of Michael M’s lovely Princesse engagement rings. Similar to the last ring showcased, this Michael M wonder has multiple sizes of square cut diamonds. In addition to its brilliant square diamonds, this charmer has a very pronounced, gleaming prong setting. Different from the others in its collection, this wonderful Michael M ring has a unique prong shape that highlights the sharp features of the princess cut and thick, prominent, band intervals easily featuring that gleaming 18-karat white gold. Additionally, when viewed from the side this charmer has a captivating tilted princess cut diamond that is sure to stand out in a room!

Michael M Engagement Ring Princesse R465-2 Available at MichaelMCollection.comMichael M Engagement Ring Princesse R465-2 Available at

Michael M Side Stone Favorite #3: Love R411-1

Ladies, feast your eyes on yet another charmer from Michael M. Boasting a traditional round cut solitaire, and the elegant diamond-embellished prongs that were mentioned on our first pick, this ring makes our cut for a whole other reason. Elegance meets a refined and royal sensibility in this Michael M engagement ring. The most alluring element of this ring is its twist, diamond covered band. Nothing is more sophisticated than this Michael M thin, clean, and sleek pave band. Modern brides-to-be can really fall for this highly-polished twist-band as they can symbolize the merger of two lives into one. Often missed, another detail on this Michael M ring is the small pave of diamonds that look to be supporting the center diamond. It’s just another touch of style from Michael M that continually proves they are masters at crafting glamorous, please every bride diamond engagement rings.

Michael M Engagement Ring Love R411-1 Available at MichaelMCollection.comMichael M Engagement Ring Love R411-1 Available at

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What are some of your all-time favorites?! These are just three of our favorite Michael M side stones rings. They have entire collections devoted to this stunning look and made it hard to select just three. More importantly, what are your favorite Michael M side stone rings? Check us out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, for more or to let us know your favorites!

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