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Wedding Guest Jewelry Ideas

By on August 31, 2017
Wedding Guest in Dress

Although weddings are all about the bride and groom, as guests we still love to make a great impression with what we wear. But like the common knowledge rule that wedding guests shouldn’t wear white and upstage the bride, there are several etiquette rules regarding fine jewelry guests should and should not wear.

Here we have some tips to help you along your way to deciding what to wear for that special occasion coming up and a few of our fine jewelry picks perfect for your next wedding.

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Fashion Jewelry Trends for Teens

By on August 29, 2017
Teen on the Grass

For stylish teens, we’ve put together a list of three trends that have been dominating this season. As trends go, what we really love about these looks is that each one can be personalized very easily by the teen wearing it. So check out the list of jewelry looks and find out how to make it your own!

Layered Pendant Necklaces

A staple in jewelry boxes of all young women and teens, pendant necklaces are being revamped this season by layering anywhere from two up to five pendant necklaces of varying sizes. Start with either a choker necklace of a long length necklace and work your way from there to perfect the look.

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Falling for Fall

By on August 25, 2017

While fall lacks the pastel delight of spring, the brilliance of summer, and the cool, dark hermitage of winter, it’s a season that evokes its own unique jewelry combinations. The changing of the leaves and the foods and festivals of the harvest season inspire autumnal shades of soft oranges, gentle metallic colors, and dull reds—as well as inspiration from fall’s favorite flavor: pumpkin spice.

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Three Fashion-Forward Engagement Rings We Are Loving Right Now

By on August 22, 2017
Loving Couple

With wedding season winding down, it’s time to get excited again over engagement season! Yes, there is such a thing as engagement season and it starts towards the end of summer through to the month of love, February. While many people chose to get engaged during Valentine’s and summer, we think fall and winter engagements to be the most romantic. And for those love birds thinking about getting engaged, it is never too soon to look into the perfect engagement ring to represent your love.

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Michael M Side Stone Engagement Rings

By on August 17, 2017
Glamorous Bride

No one does glamorous like Michael M. Here at PJD it’s obvious we are endlessly fascinated with engagement rings and while we know that all diamond engagement rings have their merits, when it comes to glamour, no one does engagement rings like Michael M. Michael M engagement rings are truly second to none when it comes to diamond-adorned flashy, glitzy, elegant rings.

Since we recently talked about rose gold and gemstone engagement rings, we thought it would be a good time to revisit one of our old favorites, side stone engagement rings. Glamorous gals prepare to fall in love with three of Michael M’s most captivating side stone engagement rings!

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Necklaces Like Your Favorite Game of Thrones Women

By on August 15, 2017
Ladies of game of thrones

With the new season of Game of Thrones in full swing, we are back to seeing some of our most favorite badass ladies fighting/revenging/plotting/queening their way through an endless amount of compelling drama. While we can’t tell you for certain who will end up earning that iron throne, we thought we’d take a look at some of our top female characters from the series and select necklaces that capture their style. Consider these fine jewelry picks for your GOT cosplay or simply to capture the character’s essence without the drama!

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How to Wear Your Jewelry With Flair

By on August 11, 2017
Woman With Jewelry

The journey to looking stylish is never over. Try as we might to perfect our own individual looks, mixing and matching jewelry often becomes a challenge. To better understand some key points that trendsetters consider when combining their fine jewelry pieces, we have put together a list of this year’s hottest trends for rocking your fine jewelry items. 

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A Ring for Every Bennet Sister: Pride and Prejudice Inspired Engagement Rings

By on August 8, 2017
Bennet Sisters from Pride and Prejudice

Fictional as they are, the Bennets are one of literary’s most treasured families. Appearing in Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice,” since then the Bennets have continued to charm readers centuries later. The daughters: diverse, spunky, and heroines for many readers (including all of us at Premiere Jewelry), each have readily formed opinions on proper conduct and love, and despite general drama, many find blissful happiness in marriage.

While only three wed in the novel, we thought it would be fun to take a look at all our Bennet girls’ personalities and pick a contemporary engagement ring that might suit them best.

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Trend Alert: Gemstone Engagement Rings

By on August 3, 2017

Always searching for the next big thing in bridal jewelry fashions, we here at PJD are absolutely obsessed with diamond engagement rings that feature bold gemstone side stones! Featuring emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and many other blazing jewels, these rings are big, bright, and colorful ways to bring a dash of color to an already brilliant white center diamond. Already seen worn by timeless beauties including Jackie Kennedy, Mariah Carey, and most famously with the ring shared by Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, gemstone side stone engagement rings are known for their effortless elegance and next-level sophistication.

Here are a few of the gemstone side stone engagement rings that we’re loving right now!

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