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Pretty and Pop: Dazzle Like Your Favorite Singer

May 31, 2017

In this day and age, pop stars have a very big role in society with not only their art, but their influence on people is huge through their social media, heavy rotation of their music on the radio, fashion sense, and latest trends. Every little thing they do is dissected by hardcore fans whether they like it or not. One thing we know is certain is that we love the jewelry these pop superstars wear on the red carpet. The earrings! The necklaces! The rings! Check out the list we’ve made of our favorite jewelry accessories worn by some of today’s top pop singers who never shy away from the music charts or best dressed lists!


If anyone on this list has a more distinct and evolved style, it is the Barbados babe herself, Rihanna. Known for never being shy to take fashion risks whether its showing a lot of skin or wearing something out of the ordinary, it is safe to say Rihanna’s jewelry collection doesn’t either. With plenty of bejeweled piercings, Rihanna is ALWAYS decked out in the lastest, most beautiful jewelry accessories. Check out the chandelier earrings she wore to the 2017 Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles. If you want something like those beauties, KC Designs Diamond Fashion Earrings are a perfect match. You might not be mistaken for Rihanna wearing these, but you can definitely feel as glamorous as she is!

Katy Perry

Words cannot express how much we love Katy Perry’s look when she attended the 2017 Brit Awards ceremony in London. Her Versace dress was just as glittery as her gorgeous beaded choker that matched perfectly with the edgy style of her ensemble. Katy has been a little toned down these days but she still always manages to wow us with her unpredictable evolution of her style. This Aerial Diamond Collar by Hearts on Fire is nothing short of glamorous. It is made with 14-karat rose gold and is just dripping in diamonds in a pave setting with a carat weight of 40.95. Make a statement like Katy in this gorgeous piece.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is known for keeping her jewelry sweet and simple, but it doesn’t mean we don’t notice the songstress’ diamond sparklers when she wears them on the red carpet or in interviews. Here she is seen wearing simple diamond stud earrings that shine through her thick mane of hair as she sits at a Teen Choice Awards panel from 2016. Even with a little turn of her head we can see this pair glitter and Simon G makes us want to get similar pair RIGHT NOW! This pair of stud earrings are from the Mosaic collection and is made with luxurious 18-karat white gold. The push backed studs are just what we asked for!

Selena Quintanilla

One of the most beloved Spanish singers of our time is none other than the Queen of Tejano, Selena Quintanilla. Her style is still so desired, MAC Cosmetics even made an entire line of makeup inspired by her that was heavily requested by her die-hard fan base. People wanted this so bad, MAC had to do a second release to please fans that couldn’t get their hands on it during the first round. Selena is not only known for her precious voice, her cool embellished style, or her red lips- she’s also known for making every girl in the world want to own a pair of gold hoop earrings! This golden pair of KC Designs Hoop earrings are awesome and they are everything we want in hoops so anyone can look and feel like Selena. If I don’t get these gold hoops now, “I’ll be dreaming, of you tonight“.


Next up is the AMAZING Queen B! If you don’t know who she is we cast MAJOR shame on you. In this photograph, Bey made a surprise performance at the 2016 Country Music Awards to sing her country song from her critically acclaimed Lemonade album, “Daddy Lessons”, with the always controversial Dixie Chicks. Beyoncé made headlines around the world for her fearlessness into dipping into a music genre she doesn’t sing typically, to say the least. Here she is seen wearing layered diamonds and pearls that matched her ethereal dress. She sparkled of diamonds and champagne on the warm colored stage and stole the hearts of country fans internationally. If you want a sparkler like the one lucky enough to be around Queen B’s neck, check this beauty out by Trice Signature Collection. It is a luxury necklace made with 18-karat white gold and with a diamond halo around diamond center stones throughout. There is literally NOTHING Beyonce can do wrong. How. Is. She. Real?

Jennifer Lopez

Last but not least, is Ms. Jenny from the block. Here she is at the 2017 Grammy Awards ceremony at the Staples Center in Los Angeles wearing a gorgeous Ralph & Russo lavender gown. With an overwhelming amount of glamour going on at this show, we STILL noticed that awesomely giant sparkler on her right ring finger that left us all starry-eyed. A similar design to hers is this spellbinding Fana Diamond Fashion Ring. Made with 18-karat white gold and round diamonds, this vintage inspired ring will have us singing “don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got”!

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