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Put Together a Look for Summer

May 22, 2017

Bikinis, sunglasses, shorts, and tans: all of these elements are necessary components of any lady’s summer ensemble. But how should a modern-day sun-worshipper arrange her jewelry to match with the rest of her look when June rolls around? Below, we’ll pick a few different pieces and match them with a certain look, and you can judge for yourself:

1. Jack Rogers Clare Rope Wedge Sandal and the Simon G Caviar LB2093-Y

They’re a very contentious piece of fashion, rope wedge sandals, but nobody can deny that they’re a very symbolic piece of summer-wear. Why does rope summon up summer? I’ve got no idea — maybe it’s because it’s one of those rare times of year when you can do things with rope: rig up some sails, go to tiki parties, et cetera. Naturally, the above bracelet in the Simon G “Caviar” collection, part of the Kevin’s Fine Jewelers selection of gold bracelets, goes perfectly with a cute pair of rope wedge sandals.

2. Dolce & Gabbana “Tropico Italiano” DG 2183 – color 1314/8N Sunglasses and A. Jaffe Seasons of Love ER0833-131

These sunglasses from D&G are absolutely ridiculous, in the best possible way. Possessed of a bold, unselfconscious kitsch, the eyewear celebrates the fecundity, fun, and partying. The A. Jaffe earrings above, being flower-shaped, match the playful aesthetic of the sunglasses, meaning that the lady who manages to incorporate both is going to turn heads at the next pool party she attends. This combination is perhaps the best antidote to the wave of flower crowns that had been dominating the fashion scene for the last few years.

3. Versace La Coupe des Dieux Silk Blouse and Michele “Seaside” MW05A45B0929_MS18AA030996

Okay, so imagine wearing this shirt by Versace. By itself, it’s a stunning piece of soft sculpture, colorful and stylish enough for attending a night party down in Hollywood. But with the watch from the Michele “Seaside” collection added, all of a sudden, you’ve become a fashionista who breaks hearts every time she steps out in public. The brilliance of the color aside, the watch from the “Seaside” collection is also covered in images of saltwater fish, only serving to further emphasize the summery fun of this combination of D&G fashion and Michele watches.

4. Diane Von Furstenberg High Neck Bikini Top and Michael M Fashion Ring F295-6.5

Listen! You’ve got to have something to accessorize your look when you’re wearing a bathing suit — even if it is a DVF original. The DVF two-piece above has a really unique look, emphasizing lines and geometry when worn by the model. The perfect accompaniment for it is the F295-6.5 fashion ring by Michael M, as pictured above. Perfect for the lady who wants to buck the traditional “curvy” look and go for a bolder, linear aesthetic.
With summer only a week and a half away, the time to get your look together for June is drawing to a close. Do you have any ideas about original combinations of jewelry and fashion? If so, let us know through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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