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A “Story About a Town” – The Jewelry of Riverdale

September 7, 2017

Not your mama’s Archie comics, Riverdale is a dark and moody mixture of the best parts of Gossip Girl, The OC, and Pretty Little Liars, accompanied by a healthy dash of the supernatural sensuality of Twin Peaks.

To celebrate the October 11th release of the second season of this entrapping “supernatural teen drama,” we’ve but together a little tribute to some of the fine jewelry looks from some of our favorite characters, that we’re hoping to see much more of in upcoming Riverdale episodes. 

Riverdale Look #1: Veronica Lodge’s Pearl Necklaces

Portrayed on TV by Camila Mendes, Veronica Lodge a socialite with a secret heart of gold who finds herself back in Riverdale after the inevitable arrest of her crooked Wall Street father. More than just long-lost brunette Gabor sister, Veronica Lodge is a shrewd and efficient social climber committed to using her status to help Archie & the gang with their high-drama high school shenanigans.

As a part of her dedication to maintaining her status, Veronica is never seen in public without – what seems to be – a genuine pearl necklace confidently draped around her neck. Measured at 16 inches, Veronica’s pearl necklaces are a more than perfect way to bring a dash of formal sparkle to an everyday outfit without appearing too formal.

MIkimoto Pearl Necklaces from Northeastern Fine Jewelry

Pictured above from the pearl jewelry masters of Mikimoto, this 16-inch pearl necklace is the epitome of high-class New York style that Veronica personifies. Made with a single strand held together with an 18-karat white gold clasp, the necklaces of Mikimoto features pearls that are cultured and farmed with the same technique established by pearl-master Kokichi Mikimoto over a 100 years ago.

Riverdale Look #2: Betty Cooper’s Gold Necklaces & “Dark Betty’s” Choker Necklace

Riverdale’s resident goody-two-shoes (as well as one half of the portmanteaued-couple Bughead), Betty Cooper’s look can be described as simple, unadorned, and classic. Skillfully played by Lili Reinhart, Betty tends to be seen wearing a plethora of sweaters, flannels, blue jeans, comfortable flats, and occasionally opts to add a splash of sparkle to her ensemble through the subtle stud style gold earrings or minimalist gold necklace.

Bringing a level of “All-American” femininity that would make Sandy Williams swoon, these gold necklaces make a welcome accompaniment to the constant Woodward & Bernstein-esque sleuthing situations that Betty and Jughead seem to find themselves in on the regular. For Riverdale fans looking to replicate Betty’s “subtle yet significant” gold necklace look, we recommend checking out the women’s necklace selection of designers such as A. Jaffe, Simon G, Madison L, Michael M, and others.

Never limited by the constraints of the tired girl-next-door trope, Betty Cooper has been known to occasionally don a black wig and assume the no-nonsense “Dark Betty” persona. Similar to The Gang’s perpetual frenemy Cheryl Blossom, Dark Betty wears darkly-colored clothing that is tied together with on-trend choker style necklace. Adorned with what seems to be a single precious metal pendant, Dark Betty’s choker necklace brings a level of confidence and sartorial sureness that is hard to beat.

Riverdale Look #3: Josie McCoy’s Gold Earrings

One third of the titular Josie and the Pussycats, Josie McCoy (played by Ashleigh Murray) knows how to make an impact. Whether on stage or within the halls of Riverdale High, Josie can always be seen wearing her trademark cat ears, along with an array of chic and edgy hoop, drop, and stud style gold earrings.

Michael M Gold Earrings From Lewis JewelersAvailable today at authorized retailers, these gold earrings from Michael M are made with high-quality 14-karat gold and are adorned with a blazing selection of round shaped diamond stones. Inspired by the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, the ER270, MOB164, and ER269 earrings of Michael M are big, bright, and perfect for any rockstar!

Now it’s your turn!

What are some of your must-have, favorite looks from Riverdale? Is is Cheryl’s brooches? Penny and Jason’s engagement ring? Or something else entirely?? Visit our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter and tell us what’s your favorite today!

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