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“Something Blue” Fashion Jewelry Pieces for the Stylish Bride

November 2, 2017

With this year coming to a close and engagement season coming up, it’s time to once again revisit all our favorite bridal things. Not to be overlooked, the fashion jewelry a bride wears on her big day matters just as much as the wedding dress itself. And while there are multiple ways of tackling bridal fashion jewelry, some brides look to family traditions when shopping for their bridal jewelry. One we see every year in the PJD office is the “something borrowed, something blue” Old English Rhyme. Once thought to bring luck and a promise of fertility, now it has become a wonderful tradition for brides to observe if they want.

While there are many clever and interesting ways for brides to wear their four ritual items, we thought it would be interesting to look at possible fashion jewelry to meet one of the special criteria. For brides still looking for their “something blue,” we’ve discovered an array of gorgeous blue-hued fashion jewelry pieces that fit the stylish bride-to-be perfectly.

  1. Tacori Island Rains Necklace SN14102

Tacori Island Rains Necklace Available at BARONS Jewelers in Dublin, California.

First, featuring one of our favorite designers, Tacori, this necklace from their Island Rains collection is a lovely addition to the stylish bride. Pictured above in a soft sky blue shade, this 18-inch topaz necklace is the epitome of class and bridal sophistication. Made from sterling silver (925), this necklace is both a subtle and elegant way to showcase the “good luck blue” plus the elegance desired in any fashion bridal piece.

2. Tacori Islands Rains Bracelet SB12433-S

Also from Tacori’s Island Rains collection, is the above delicate bracelet. Fashionista brides can enjoy the dark-hued blues of its multiple topaz stones and the luxurious sterling silver (925) precious metal of this bangle bracelet. Further, we picked this bangle and gemstone bracelet for the trendsetting dainty look. As one of this year’s most talked about looks, delicate jewelry including dainty thin bracelets, long flowing necklaces, and small stud earrings, are “in” and will continue to be in demand through to next year.

3. Simon G Vintage Explorer Earrings TE222

Simon G Vintage Explorer Earrings Available at BARONS Jewelers

From the innovators at Simon G, comes this absolutely fabulous pair of earrings from their Vintage Explorer collection. Filled with marvelous Art-Deco inspired pieces and various dazzling colors, the collection is a fashionista favorite. And for brides who want to be rich in glamour and next-level style, these finely detailed Tacori earrings are a great addition best paired with a sleek up-do or a half-up bridal hairstyle.

4. Yael Designs Fashion Ring DSRP12047Yael Designs Fashion Ring Available at BARONS Jewelers in Dublin, California

Last, from the very fun and flirty designers at Yael Designs, come the precious trio of blue topaz stones, the brilliant 18-karat white gold, and the sleek, modern design in this Yael Designs original piece. For the bride who wants to make a statement, this fashion ring has the ability to pop without much additional effort. Yael Designs craft rings of superior quality and craftsmanship and every ring showcases very contemporary looks fit for a 2018 bride.

Whether you are shopping for yourself or for the bride in your life, fashion jewelry is a great way to incorporate some of those traditional “good luck” ideas into the special day. Our recommendation is that you stick to one statement-making blue-toned piece and adorn the rest of your look with big, bold, and beautiful diamond adorned jewelry pieces.

Your Turn!

These are just some of our favorite blue fashion jewelry pieces. What blue fashion jewelry pieces would you choose for your wedding? Visit our FacebookInstagram, or Twitter page and tell us your answer today!

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