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The Wedding of the Future

January 22, 2018

While we can’t predict what a wedding will look like in a hundred years, as the saying goes, “the future is now.” Current technology, materials, and skill sets allow inventive designers to create wedding bands that would have been unthinkable to brides a century ago.

With that in mind, let’s look at some wedding bands that just scream “fashion forward futurism.” The bands we selected fall into one of several categories — and we’ll discuss them below.

Hearts on Fire Atlantico model #HBADATL00538W-C

We chose this band from Hearts on Fire because of its fantastical spiral shank. The 0.5 carat of diamond in this band, arranged as more than a dozen distinct round-cut diamonds, appear far more numerous thanks to the pave setting that packs the stones tightly together. Also, the curve of the band’s gold in on itself only amplifies that visual effect, and the end result is a wedding band that absolutely dazzles the eye — with less material used than one might expect.

Michael M Europa model #R440B

Abandoning the traditional “circle” in favor of a flat underside and a curved face, this band from the Michael M Europa collection shows how the shape of jewelry is no longer tied to any expectation of how it “ought” to look. More than being an adventurous look, this band utilizes 18-karat yellow gold and 21 distinct diamonds to create something recognizably gorgeous.

Tacori Adoration model #HT2622B12

We selected this band from the Tacori Adoration collection because it takes to heart that saying that “we stand on the shoulders of giants.” It’s easy to see that the master artisans at Tacori took the inspiration for this band from Art Deco brilliance, but it doesn’t end there — the milgrain patterning, 18-karat white gold, and pave-set side stones all read as utterly modern, making this band a truly updated classical design.

Madani White Ice model #MWE914IW-126J

Madani is famous for its inspired designs, and we chose this wedding band for its ability to harmonize beauty with futuristic materials. The White Ice collection is made with white ceramic, a strong and uniquely lustrous material that seems to be a fusion of pearl and ivory (no animals were harmed in this beautiful band’s creation, thankfully!). The snowy white band is surrounded by a belt of feminine pink sapphires, set in 14-karat white gold, for that added touch of color and class.

Verragio Couture model #0444W-2RW

Bimetallic wedding bands are a wonder of modern technology, with cutting-edge designs and soldering techniques pushed to their extreme to put two separate metals together. Why choose one color when you can have both 18-karat white and rose gold? Verragio offers its special wedding bands from the Couture collection in more than one combination — enjoy this band in 18-karat yellow gold and platinum, too! Throw in 0.45 carat of gleaming diamonds, and you have a wedding band that pairs perfectly with the contemporary cool of your ceremony.

Carlex G1 model #WB-9464R-S6

As we’ve seen with previous bands, sometimes “the future” is most interestingly expressed in design rather than material or technique. This band from the Carlex G1 collection is made of 18-karat rose gold and 0.8 carat of diamond, but its luxurious materials don’t speak to the utter uniqueness of this band — the diamonds are burnished in an unexpected way, the whole band made up of non-sequential “links,” making the piece almost like a gold chain around a woman’s finger. A stunning symbol for the chains of love, maybe? This sort of creative play on traditional design is something we love to highlight as one of the designs of the future.

Let us Know What You Think!

What is it that really says “future!” to you? There isn’t any reason to stop at wedding bands — if you’ve seen any jewelry that sets off your space-age sensibilities, let us know on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. And keep in touch for the latest in all things fashion and bridal jewelry!

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