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What Kind of Bride are You?

May 17, 2017

“Girl, look at that ring!”

The idea that there’s only one kind of engagement ring is just as mistaken as the idea that there’s only one kind of engagement. The diversity of rings in the modern era, offered by retailers like Medawar Jewelers and Frank Jewelers, means that the style that matches your unique tastes and the ideas you’ve had about being a bride is available at your fingertips.

Below, we’re going to take a look at some of the pieces on display to figure out which engagement ring might fit best with your future wedding.


1. Punk Princess


Nah, hearts and pink aren’t for you. You don’t go for all that “girly” stuff — but you’d still like your partner to get you a ring that makes you feel like the queen of their world. The above piece, part of ArtCarved’s “Contemporary” collection in Frank Jewelers’ engagement rings section, is the perfect mix of “feminine elegance” and “rebellious sass”. With a shank shaped like a twisted rope, the piece from the Contemporary collection has the kind of tough-girl aura that you try to cultivate, uniquely out of all of the halo engagement rings being offered.

2. Pretty in Pink

Bet you were the kind of girl who doodled sketches of your perfect wedding back in middle school. And now, years later, you’ve found the perfect spouse, the perfect day, and the perfect venue. Make your engagement and wedding complete with the perfect ring: the “ROL1179” from Rhythm of Love’s collection of engagement rings. Rhythm of Love’s pieces carry the kind of playful joy that your special someone brings to you, and wearing this piece from Frank Jewelers’ diamond rings, you won’t just be wearing your heart on your sleeve — you’ll be wearing it on your finger, too.

3. Vintage Vixen

When your mom showed you photos of your grandmother’s wedding, did you swoon over the way her dress looked? Maybe you couldn’t get Grandma’s ring for your wedding, but have no fear! Verragio offers engagement rings in their “Classic” collection that are made to invoke the previous generations’ beauty and style: delicate scrollwork and filigrees accentuate the brilliant diamond set among them. Make Grandma proud, and your friends envious, when they see this piece right out of Medawar’s collection of Verragio engagement rings slipped onto your finger.

4. Rebel in Red

So you’re a little sassy and a little bit of a style rebel. We know you’re already planning on turning heads and making people talk at your wedding, so why not make your look complete with this ring from the Kirk Kara “Charlotte” collection in Medawar Jewelers’ collection of princess-cut engagement rings? Not only is this piece framed with gorgeous red rubies, but the body of the ring is rose gold, meaning that the whole piece is a unique splash of color that people might not expect at a wedding. Wear it with pride, you gorgeous minx, you!

But of course, there’s more than four kinds of brides-to-be. Medawar Jewelers and Frank Jewelers offer styles and combinations that fulfill every kind of taste. Take a visit for yourselves, and see what you can find! And as always, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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